The internet is such a fascinating and creative way to engage with people all over the world. And GREY, “The Vegan Rapper”, is such a beautiful testament of this reality. He came out with a short video clip in his car freestyling over the Shirley Ceasar / @RemixGodSuede collaboration and ended up with his very own challenge a few days later after GOING VIRAL, receiving over 8 Million views and still counting. The incomparable and lovely @elliegoulding gave him a shot out and it was genuine and authentic and REAL. And Bossip showed him some love also.

Check Out the top 5 videos of the #VeganThanksgivingWithGREY challenge. Let us know which ones are your favorite. And if you feel the spirit, send us your own video and hashtag #ThanksGivingWithGrey as the ThanksGiving Holiday is still underweigh and we know you all will be eating leftovers all weekend long.

#FAVORITE #VeganThanksgivingWithGrey


💜Love & Light🌞,