Quite naturally, I love how all women have the potential to be bonafide bossess and renaissance human beings. And I am equally enamored with companies and experiences that highlight this undeniable truth. Women are resilient and adventurous and truly gifted. And tomorrow, the 4th Annual NYC Women’s Surf Film Festival presented by Lava Girl Surf and Luna Bar is kicking off the film festival at the Prima Donna artist opening by Fran Miller at the Surf Club in the Rockaway community to celebrate and honor the complex and inherent greatness ALL women possess.


A photography show by Australian surfing photographer Frances ‘Fran’ Miller, two full-length films (“Women & The Waves 2” directed by Heather Hudson and “It Ain’t Pretty” directed by Dayla Soul) and a variety of short films from established and emerging directors around the world, will be featured at this two day ultra-inspiring and artistic affair. The focul point of the experience surrounds the inspiring lives of women surfers, their unique journeys and passions, and their connections to the ocean.

Curated by Lava Girl Surf’s co-founder, Davina Grincevicius, a surfer and director herself, this year’s programming will include films from the United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, Norway, United States, Spain and South Africa. Directors include Beth O’Rourke, Jeff Den Broeder, Simon Cotter, Stefan Jose, Tyler Haft, Steven Briand, Theresa Strack, Michael Veltman, The Inertia, 38 Productions, Mathias Kögel and Luca Meril’s LUNAR presented by Seea.

Davina Grincevicius took a brief moment to share with us how, “the level of excitement surrounding this years Women’s Surf Film Festival is greater than ever.  We have such great filmmakers, artists and surfers coming from around the world to celebrate, inspire and connect with the women’s surf community. The films are curated from around the world and the surfers featured represent such a beautifully diverse mix of cultures, styles and influences.” Not to mention, “this year the film festival is enhanced by a fantastic photography exhibition by Australian surf photographer Fran Miller. Fran is a regular contributor for WSL,The Inertia and Sunshine Surf Girls…and not least, a surfer. We are thrilled to combine her art exhibition with the film festival and introduce her work to the NYC surf scene.

So without further justification, please join us as we salute Davina Grincevicius and all of the colorful, ferocious, and trailblazing female surfers across the globe that are committed to the critical drops, gut-wrenching wipe outs and fearless spirit that is associated with surfing.

This event gets the heART of cool STAMP 4 sure!

💜Love & Light🌞,
Cristen M. Mills