Well, we love love love THE WEEKEND already and now we can put a reason behind it! THE WEEKEND gave 250k to the BLACK LIVES MATTER organization in support of the death of PHILANDO CASTILE and others. This act may have just been a reflection of the great work he had seen done by some of his peers. BEYONCE and JAY Z gave 1.5 MILLION to the organization on TRAVON MARTINS birthday just a few months back via TIDAL. Now the great part is that now this is giving the organization some solid traction to do some things in the inner cities to give us a voice where one may have not lived.

The organization made mention that they would be starting a chapter for the city that THE WEEKEND grew up in, which is TORONTO. This is a great strategy to get people involved and activated to the new motion of retaliation. This I hope will help with black on black crime and needless inner city killings. Kudos to THE WEEKEND for truly putting his money where his mouth is because these are the moments, the money truly matters.

Signing Off!