DJ King Tiesto and Oliver Heldens join forces for a heck of a musical collaboration in conjunction with the Dutch singer, songwriter and dancer, Natalie La Rose; and oh, does it possess the proper bonafide electric energy to get your week started. Whether you love tech house, deep house, progressive house or any other house genre you can think of, “The Right Song”, is sure to hit you in the right spot to get you kicking off your week dancing and liberated no matter what your personal life circumstance may currently be.


Whether you find yourself having to muster up the strength to walk into an office, gym or classroom; listen to this song, and you are sure to find the motivation to get to it and grow through it, dancing all the way into a new week.


Make sure you check out the video and even the time-traveling lyrics and start practicing your dance moves for Friday.


💜Love & Light🌞,
Cristen M. Mills