The Queen literally took my breath away with her raw authenticity and ability to share with the world through her songs the highs and lows the journey of love has taken her.
Adele’s vulnerability struck such an emotional cord with me as a lover of love unconditional and human evolution in the midst of storms that life is sure to bring us, that I found myself literally shedding tears; for I, too, along with everyone else on the planet I am sure has been crushed or will be crushed in love.
It was such a healing and beautiful moment. And the biggest blessing in it all, is that as you grow wiser, you realize that no matter how painful experiences are, there is a peace that allows you to count it all joy because without the pain, invaluable lessons that truly shape us are lost and it makes it harder to really appreciate and value real supreme and divine love when we actually do find it. Adele affirmed and shared this intimate secret with us before she sung “Someone Like You”,  as she happily declared to the universe, “I don’t sing this from the same place anymore. I sing it from an amazing place because of my man who is here tonight – and I love you – and this is the first show that he’s ever seen me do!”
With a 3.0 rating among adults from 18 -49, it is no surprise that the beautiful songstress delivered the top broadcast music special since CBS’ Beatles Grammy Salute on February 9, 2014. And aside from the recent world renowned single, “Hello”, I was delighted and elated to hear for the first time other songs that supremely touched my heart and awakened my soul instantly such as, “All I Ask”, “Million Years Ago” and “Love In The Dark” just to name a few. Her entire album, entitled, “25”, is absolutely INCREDIBLE.

Adele is truly a Heart of Cool Icon and when she embarks upon her world tour which kicks off in London, March 15th, I pray that I witness her magic in the flesh.

Keep shining Adele. And thank you for having the courage to revisit your past in order to move forward with your bright love-filled and abundant future because in a world of chaos and strife, there is no doubt that your journey ignites us all and your light sparks hope, healing and self-love unconditional to all corners of the world.