In the midst of all the holiday cheer that is most definitely well and alive as we approach Christmas 2015, I have noticed that in addition to the holiday glee, there does exists this elephant in the room; and, it’s called, pain.
With just over 7 billion people on this planet, everyone is not the most happiest during Christmas time. Some people have family to go home to, while others do not. Some people have the money to buy the people they love whatever their heart desires, most people do not. Some people have a home to live in, while others especially if you have a dream in LA do not. In fact, they are most likely couch serving at best, or sleeping in their car at worse.
With the pressures of being successful and always seeming to fall up short when the wild card called LIFE pays you a visit, the holidays can be a time when you are beating yourself up. It can be a very PAINFUL two weeks. And most of the time when the pain comes, our vices come right along with it in an effort to numb the pain. Whether it is alcohol, sex, drugs, ice-cream, whatever, it seems to do the job of distracting you from the reality of your situation. But the funny thing is, once you sober up and come to your senses, life and the challenge and problems that come with it are waiting for you in the corner. THEY ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE. Trust me.
I wonder why we want to numb the pain?  Every thing that exists in this life experience has a purpose, so I am sure pain serves a purpose in our lives as well.
My mom use to tell me, “Cristen, be thankful for the painful moments in your life because life sure is going to bring them. Pain is really a positive thing. It is an indicator letting you know that something is wrong. If you did not feel pain and you held your entire hand over burning flames, your entire body would eventually disintegrate.” That is true. A very wise perspective on the matter for sure.
One revelation I have had throughout this journey is that if you cannot endure pain, you cannot feel. If you  need to feel their way through life, the ability to feel is a necessity to being alive and well on this planet. Do you want to be like the walking dead or do you want to seize every moment and BE ALIVE with purpose!?! I know I really thirst for the latter.
You cannot circumvent life. If you drink alcohol or take drugs to ease the pain and it is not yielding you favorable results, try feeling and dealing with your issues so that you can grow internally. And as you grow internally, YOUR EXTERNAL SITUATION WILL CHANGE FOR THE COOLER. Fact.
Put things in your body and surround yourself with people that serve and honor the god or goddess in you. And that is revelation number two.
?Love & Light☀️,