Sitting here grooving and feeling super inspired, sexy and beautiful listening to Chris Brown’s NEW and AMAZING album, ROYAL: AVAILABLE NOW on iTunes and any where else that sells GOOD music.

The multi-faceted, Grammy award-winning crooner is in a groove with this album and most definitely sings from a special place that fans have never heard him sing from.

Brown’s harmonic melodies and dazzling  soulful rifts are impeccable not to mention his writing is flawlessly compelling, classic, kinky and ratchet all at the same time. Now that is talent ?.

There is no doubt that his daughter, Royalty, had a colossal influence on how brilliantly gifted Brown shows himself to be on this album. She definitely is loving her father tenderly and as a result, we can see a lot more vulnerability from Brown as he sings to his beloved on the track, “Little More (Royalty)”.

It is clear that Brown has really tapped into his soul and diverse understanding of the diverse musical palette he truly possesses. Whether you like EDM, classic R&B, Trap Soul,  smooth Rock, Rap, Pop, Dance or House, Brown’s album is sure to capture your spirit and instigate you to dance like Lee Ann Womack urges us all to do in life.

Every song is worthy of our ears and reflects how thorough and talented Chris Brown truly is. From “Fine by Me”, “Make Love”, “Who’s Gonna”, “Proof” and of course, “Back to Sleep” just to name a few, Brown serenades us impeccably.

We are so proud of this young gentleman. His life is a great example of how people put you on a pedestal to take you right down often times. He is, as we are, only human –  not infallible and LIFE happens to us all. However, no matter what, you have to keep pushing to seek growth, learning from the mistakes of yesterday and moving forward, fearlessly journeying on to your irrefutable divine destiny.

So quite naturally, Tash and I couldn’t wait until our “Music Monday’s” to honor Mr. Chris Brown, so please allow us to present to you all of the videos released off of Brown’s album, ROYALTY, thus far.

CONGRATULATIONS Mr. Chris Brown, you are a mega-talent and incredible example of what it really means to press forward despite the setbacks and naysayers.

We salute you King!

?Love & Light☀️,
Cris & Tash

Cris and Tash with friend and honoree, Chris Brown
Cris and Tash with friend and honoree, Chris Brown


Back to Sleep

Fine by Me