Pioneer and creative visionary, DJ Timbuk2, transitioned from his earthly body and took flight at the young age 34. He was a leader and an incredibly courageous and generous human being. An undeniable proud son of his beloved mother – he was also a personal friend, someone that inspired me.

Born Timothy Jones, the beloved Chicago DJ of WGCI radio was heavy into the local Chicago Hip Hop scene, promoting Vic Mensa, Rockie Fresh, Lil Reese, and  others via his Go iLL Radio show. A member of the of the Heavy Hitters DJ crew, Timbuck2 also toured with some of the greatest mcs ever from COMMON to Kanye and even studied under his brother, Chicago music legend Twilite Tone, to me, one of the greatest acomplishments he achieved was creating a platform for Chicago artists to be heard on his DJ show on WGCI 107.5, modeling how everyone on this planet is here to bless others. And an even greater legacy that he left was not just showing us how to live in belief, but showing us how to die: leaving this planet, spreading LOVE and encouraging others to spread LOVE.

To Dj Timbuk2, I love you. Thank you for living and modeling what’s most important in life: LOVE. May God bless your soul and may you rest in peace.

?Love & Light☀️,

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