Seeking Validation from other people to be loved and fulfilled and to possess a God-given purpose, is a dangerous and slippery slope. It leads to a bottomless pit of insecurity, destructive behavior and suffering from which there is no end.

The Creator of ALL creators created us whole and beautiful and perfect. Each of us are crowned with gifts and blessings to spread across the globe. We have nothing to prove to the world as we were developed to tap into an infinite power and abundance that man does not give and that man cannot take away.


My Love , Peace, and Joy are the greatest gifts. The world didn’t give me the love, peace and joy that I have in my heart and the world can’t take my love,  peace and joy away ! NOW THAT IS OPERATING AT A HIGH LEVEL AND IN YOUR FULL POWER!!!!

Life is short. We all have an expiration date. So keep the ones you love close and love the ones you have in your close proximity while you can. Oh yes, and always remember, Keepin Big Things Big And Little Things Little, is not an option if you want to keep your sanity. Stress is not the way towards progress. Trust me, take my word for it, I KNOW.


The song, “My Worth Is Not In What I Own”, by Keith & Kristyn Getty and Graham Kendrick, is a dynamic musical selection that I am honored to share with you. This is the song in my heart that keeps me anchored and strengthened from day to day !!! This song captures the essence of my spirit and the depth of my soul. Let me know if it speaks to you also.


My Worth Is Not In What I Own

My worth is not in what I own ; not in the strength of flesh and bone; but in the costly wounds of love at the cross !

My worth is not in skill or name; in win or lose, in pride or shame, but in the blood of Christ that flowed at the cross!

As summer flowers we fade and die, Fame, youth and beauty hurry by, but life eternal calls to us at the cross.

I will not boast in wealth or might, or human wisdoms fleeting light, but I will boast in knowing Christ at the cross !

Two wonders here that I confess my worth and unworthiness.  My value fixed, My ransom paid at the cross !!!

I Rejoice In My Redeemer & Anchor !!!

The Greatest !

– Keith & Kristyn Getty and
Graham Kendrick


💜Love & Light🌞,
Anna Louise Mills