Did anyone catch the song that Kanye West released this past weekend? Well if you did not, we did. And if you want to check it out now, it may be rather difficult because apparently from inside sources Kanye took it down.

It was one of those lyrical catch me if you can gems. When we first heard it, I felt a range of thoughts and the one that stood out the most was the beauty of one’s truth NO MATTER WHAT. Everyone is on a journey and it is called life. And whether you are rich or poor, smart or a few fries shorter than a happy meal, everyone has their personal cross to bear. We all know that Mr. West has had a few not so favorable moments in the public sphere. However, I think we all have. The difference is, our audience most likely was not the entire world.

But what happens when you wear your heart on your sleeve and you have the guts to say what is on your mind whether people like it or not and you are so fearless that you publicly denounce an entire fashion industry, or share with the globe that you are in debt and follow that up with asking Mark Zuckerberg for a loan; well ……. one thing that does happen is you get the opportunity to hear “Saint Pablo”. And if you listen closely, you have an opportunity to learn from someone else’s mistakes or not so proud moments and you continue to look for the most raw and pure part of yourself to speak up.

So while most people may think Mr. West is a boisterous celebrity that is just a tad bit full of himself and ungrateful for all of the hard earned success that he went through the wire for, I think he is actually a sacrifice in many ways. And although I may not agree with how he may have gone about some things in the past and they are in the past, so we will leave them there; I do appreciate who he is and his ability to stay true to himself through the crushing jaws of fame and the judgemental and fake society we often find ourselves in when it counts the most.

And as someone who has been in the entertainment sect of life for some time, I understand the challenges one faces as they navigate the road to “success” in order to realize their dreams. What if you went through hell and back for your dream, just to realize that everything you went through the fire for, was not there when you got out, but those were the things that meant the most? And what if the very dream you birthed, became a chain around your neck?

Ask Kanye.

💜Love & Light🌞,