I am definitely a whimsical fairy that falls victim to almost anything fantasy oriented. Working in entertainment and in the lifestyle arena, I find that one tends to have a bit of an imagination to crystalize real life moments that inspire or challenge us, but then out of nowhere defy all conventional wisdom and laws to birth an alternative reality that sparks a bit of liberation and magic and wonder on this journey. And I am super stoked to announce that I have discovered an artist that captures the aforementioned sensibilities.


This week’s artist for our heART of COOL Art Tuesday’s, literally transports me to a state of nostalgia and evolution simultaneously. The painter and sculptor’s born name is Masakatsu Iwamoto, but he is so swagged out that apparently the world calls him Mr. and Mr. only.


A multimedia artist. A japanese native currently based in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. And a self-proclaimed Otaku with a Lolita Complex, Mr,. draws the majority of his source of creative inspiration from the worldwide, multi-billion dollar industry of anime and magna (fan community).

Embedded lolicon themes coupled with young girls and boys that directly reflect the Otaku culture of anime and magna are incessantly depicted in a similar aesthetic and style in Mr.’s visual art pieces. Additionally the deep culturally rooted artist also has been known to encompass the interpretation of the depression and devastation of the people connected to the earthquake, chemical spill and economic decline in Japan after March 11th 2012.


When I stand back and look at Mr.’s visual art creations, I think about the early 90s when my brother and I would watch hours of Japanese anime. Whether Yu Yu Hakusho, Elfen Lied or Dragon Ball Z the time was always captivating and creatively inspiring and I feel the same lightning bolts of inspiration when my eyes fall upon Mr.’s creations as well.

So, I guess all that is left to say is, hey Mr. Supreme shot out to you. I hope we cross paths soon as I would love to collaborate with you and dig into your imagination.

💜Love & Light🌞,