With the selfy frenzy still running rampant, it may behoove you to know that one of my favorite phone case companies, Cases A LA Mode, has officially taken the phone case game to another level. Innovative, functional and aesthetically appealing, the Light Up Phone, provides panoramic lighting around the entire phone border; therefore, allowing one to elevate their selfie picture game to new heights of ecstasy or creativity. The choice is totally up to you! You can purchase the phone in white, black or gold and the case itself is comprised of durable plastic to keep your iPhone 6/6S secure.


After doing some research, I even stumbled upon another company, Ty-Lite, that makes phone cases that light up too. These are swagged out and more on the pricey side, but rightly so as they are LED lighted silicone protective phone cases with three distinct light settings to switch up the vibe. Ty-Lite also offers a better range as they encompass phone cases for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.


Although, some how I have managed to escape the impulsive need to take selfies, I see the  value in the idea and product and think it’s cool in this DIY age. I may just have to cop one just in case I ever get the urge to join the obsessive selfie movement or just to have the option to switch up the mood and ambiance wherever I may be on the cool, calm, collected and crazy journey called life.

Check out the product and let us know what your cool thermometer is telling you.

💜Love & Light🌞,