Fed up with buying expensive beauty products filled with toxic ingredients, LA-based actresses Ashley Blaine Featherson and Christina Elmore, started making their own bath, body and hair care necessities for their families and friends. After perfecting several recipes, they have decided to share what has become their passion with the world. Founded on the principle that modern luxury can be all natural, Blaine Lorenn launched in 2015 to cater to those who want to both look and feel beautiful, naturally.

This week we sat down with one of the creators of Blaine Lorenn and our good friend, Ashley Blaine Featherson to try and chat all things beauty!

HOC: What inspired you to create Blaine Lorenn? Why the name?

BL: Christina and I were making our own products for ourselves and our families for a while. We were, and still are dedicated to using and creating products that are all natural, non-toxic and good for ourselves & the environment. Blaine & Lorenn are our middle names. Our dear friend and fellow blacktress Yaani King called us one day and said “It came to me, I think your name should be ‘Blaine Lorenn’ we agreed and here we are! Our name is PERFECT !

HOC: How did you all create the formulations?

BL: Research, research, RESEARCH! We frequently have meeting to discuss things we like & new formulas we want to experiment with; scents, ingredients, etc & we talk about what we think would work best for certain products. We’ve also read tons of books.

HOC:. What makes you different from other apothecary lines out there?

BL: We are modern, luxe apothecary. I believe we set ourselves apart by having a luxurious feel to our products and branding. Also, the obvious…we are young Hollywood actresses!

HOC: What are some of your personal favorites in the collection?

BL: I absolutely LOVE COVA. I use it as a foot scrub everyday in the shower. WONDER is awesome too. I truly have seen tremendous eye brow & lash growth and an increase in thickness. Also, I don’t have dark circles or lines around my eyes! WHIPPED & LUXE are the perfect everyday products that can be used for everything! What’s a relaxing Sunday night without DREAMER & BALANCE? Oh geez…I just love it all!

HOC: Tell us about your upcoming projects and new products.

BL: I have tons of awesome things happening next year! Can’t announce it quite yet, but know that it is very exciting and I’ve been working towards this for a very long time. I shot a movie last year ‘Paint It Black’ which will be released soon & my web series ‘Hello Cupid‘ will soon be airing on BET! As for Blaine Lorenn, we are preparing to launch a “Facial Regimen” that everyone will LOVE. It will be out just in time for the holidays.

A special thanks to Ashley Blaine for taking the time out to chat with Heart of Cool and we definitely agree the entire Blaine Lorenn collection is amazing. Our personal favs are Whipped body souffle and the Luxe body oil but try it out for yourselves and let us know what you think in the comments below!