Julien “Seth” Malland, aka Seth Globepainter, french and street, literally excites me whenever my eyes’ gaze fall upon his larger than life and vividly colorful adolescent characters, “sucked into colorful rainbow-like voids.” A french grafitti guru since the 1990s and a natural born visionary, Seth globepainter takes old buildings and turns them into artistic masterpieces, thereby introducing us to the elevating power of Art creation all over the world.

With Kislow, Miami Ad School, Wynwood

Whether in Italy, India, Paris, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Canada, Indonesia and many other foreign lands, Globepainter’s vibrant subjects, “are usually facing away from the viewer, their attention completely swallowed by pools of dripping color revealed behind drab, urban facades“. And the underlying catalyst for the inspiration behind the work of Art Globepainter graciously presents radiates its’ purpose from cultural, political or social ideas of the respective environments of the particular Art installations; for Globepainter, is inspired most by the organic environment which his street Art is birthed. (SOURCE).

Detail of a wall for a new school in the popular area of Paris XIII district.

Whether the mural takes 3 days or 1 week, there is no attention to detail missed and the 3-D dynamic will literally floor you. What I love most is the ability for the characters to transcend the building and neighborhood they are in. When you glance at the Art, it is as if all of Globepainter’s figures are time traveling. It is clear that the characters are not limited to their physical space. Instead, their dynamic color pigmentation provides a spiritual healing to the environment, while at the same time providing an experience of voyage and travel as well.

Andavadoaka, Madagascar

For more information on Globepainter, check out his book, “Extramuros”, where he shares with us his journey of “globepainting” for 3 years in territories such as China, India, Mexico, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Tahitian dream in Papeete with HTJ @htjdesigns for Ono’u Festival

Seth Globepainter, you officially have the heART of Cool stamp. Thank you for manifeating your dream into a reality that encourages the world to aspire to inspire no matter what their physical circumstances may be.

“Antipodes”, not in Miami but down with the Kiwis, Spectrum Festival, Chistchurch, New Zealand
Tales from the countryside, part 5, The dream, collaboration with peasant local painters, Fengjing, China
Broken dream, Shanghai stories part 10, China

💜Love & Light🌞,
Cristen M. Mills