FSA‘s Magda Love & Beauty for Freedom brought their creative forces together to explore the concept of womanhood and societal concepts of beauty to create the artistic movement and art exhibition, “Beauty Undefined”.


Curated by Ford Model, Artist and Philanthropist, Monica Watkins, and Magda Love, an Argentinian street artist who successfully aims to disrupt the roller coaster of life by deeply textured and ferocious narratives that combine the explosive intersection of nostalgia and emotional moments of vulnerability, strength, pain and joy; brought together 20 international artists on March 2nd at 51 Orchard Street in NYC to participate in the challenge to paint a stronger definition of beauty in female form through the medium of graffiti, fine art, video installation, photography and sculptor.


With a backdrop of the issues of culture and identity personified within the curation Love & Watkins manifested, it was lovely to learn that 100% of the proceeds of this entire project benefited Project India a series of art, music, photography and writing workshops by the anti-human trafficking nonprofit entitled Beauty For Freedom.


Beauty For Freedom, in Southeast Asia and  co-founded and creative directed by Watkins, was righteously a part of “Beauty Undefined” as their mission of the innovative and sustainable platform is to promote self-esteem and self-love in the at-risk youth community and survivors of sex trafficking victims in India and Cambodia.

The dynamic experience, impact and art created as a result of “Beauty Undefined” really demonstrates the power of Art and how it is a vehicle for social change and the upliftment of humanity. Sponsors of beauty undefined included: SELECT and NYC art collective, OUTLAW.

And the 20 Artists That Participated in this noteworthy and empowering movement are below:

Tim Okamura, Esteban del Valle, Toto Cullen, Erica Simone, Lina Valentina, Magda Love, Marco Gallotta, Crystal Vinson, Dasha Dare, Allie Olson, Jeana Lindo, Zephy, Sokphalla Ban, Rob Forbes, Alison Brady, Nikola Tamindzic, Loan C habanol, Shaun Mader, Sajji Lazarus and Ekaterina Kulikova.

Please join us in saluting Magda Love & Monica Watkins on such a revolutionary art installation.

💜Love & Light🌞,
Cristen M. Mills