Thank you kindly universe for Instagram! Despite how crazy everyone is as a consequence of being seriously inundated with social media, instagram always does serve a vital role when wanting to maintain a certain dynamic of relevancy while keeping up with all of the brands and influencers.  Truth be told, the invaluable source that instagram along with other social media platforms possess are priceless and responsible for a diamond in the ruff enchanting and fairy-like encouter with the brand, Dress Lily.

DRESS LILY, is one of the brands I found via Instagram this week. I was literally stopped dead in my tracks in a nostalgic manner when I learned that my mermaid fantasies could come into reality as I fashionbly express myself. Well, at least on the sofa for sure. The mermaid blanket is a fashion piece that will forever be remembered. And an array of colors spanning from pastel rainbow, purple fusia and turquois are always ready and infused into the product in such a way to wreak true and brilliant brand havoc within the fashion and home decore space.

Whether sittting on the sofa to particpiate in your favorite program, reading a book or taking a nap, these Mermaid tail blankets are super dope and creative.

💜Love & Light🌞,
Cristen M. Mills