It seems like it was just the end of SPRING and I was giving tips about summer shoes and now summer is almost over! Time flies when you’re having fun they say, but I could not have had too much fun without joining team HUARACHE. Of course I projected the HUARACHE would be the shoe of the summer and that was part one, part two was actually getting a pair. As much as I have talked and stared at this shoe in particular, it had to have happen by now right? RIGHT!


Well, I took my chances going with a crazy color and it worked because colors work in the summer and that is FACT. However, crazy is not allowed without comfort! The shoes are a SMASH. They are superrrr comfortable as I projected and fit like a glove. This is what the NIKE brand is all about.

The technology of the shoe is really COOL also. When you walk in them, it almost feels like a sock! The shoe is light weight and has a sleekness about it that I just cannot explain.  What I can say as I totally get what all the hype is about.

I know I have a serious FASHION PROBLEM because all I can think about is the next color way I must have! If you haven’t got a pair, it should definitely be up for consideration.

Signing Off!
-Tasha Bouè