How do you metaphorically make Lemonade out of Lemons in this crazy world we live in? Well, ask the members of the art collective, the Super Poor Kids (SPK) because SPK Huff, SPK Jay and SPK Lu are in the process of patenting the process I am sure.

@tnorman23 Thank you sir for inspiring us and bringing happiness to a ton of people during these troubling times

These three Art gurus have combined forces to illuminate a path for an uber cool creative and social entrepreneurial movement that is spreading like wild fire in wild hearts such as my very own. A beautiful balance between the mix of rich acrylic on canvas and dope graphic art design, the creative product produced by these Super Poor Kids is one of a kind and revolutionary.

VARIOUS ROCKBAND TEES – Painted and distressed by hand on vintage tee
VARIOUS ROCKBAND TEES – Painted and distressed by hand on vintage tee
HUNGER FOR MORE – Sand color denim jacket
INSPIRED – hand painted Herschel Supply back packs

I absolutely am enamored with Art that is colorfully captivating and brilliantly fresh on the eyes. And I completely go bananas  when that artwork possesses an intrinsic ability to engage practically any gaze that falls upon it, inspiring others to aspire to learn more, do more and be more. The pieces of Art by SPK encompass ALLL of the aforementioned.

I thought this was such a powerful image, I don’t see colors… I see UNITY #Thesuperpoorkids

Originally from the hoods of Camden, NJ, these three trailblazers came together after working for the clothing line, Miskeen Originals, which is a brand that focuses on the intersection of fashion and Art. Jay & Lu had no painting experience until Huff shared his gems of knowledge and taught both of them how to paint. After 10 years of painting individually, they came together to paint as a collective in order to one day make a living off of what they love and rise above the environment they were born into.

2ND DAY IN A ROW! Another portrait for the fallen #philandocastile #Thesuperpoorkids

And no wonder these champions are already off to the races as these young 3 kings paint anything and everything you could imagine. From cars to clothes to accessories, these kids do not play around. They can turn anything into a canvas just the way we like it here at heART of Cool (HoC). And their ability and drive stems from way more than the basic linear thought of selfish greed. In an interview on, SPK revealed, “We all grew up/live in the “Hood” of Camden, NJ. The lack of culture in our hometown is depressing yet motivating. We use the struggles of our city as influence to get out. We use art as an outlet and hope that one day our art can reach people all across the world.”

It pains us to have to create yet ANOTHER portrait of an innocent black human being murdered by the law… WHEN WILL THIS MADNESS END?!?! #altonsterling #blacklivesmatter #Thesuperpoorkids

I discovered these 3 inspirations from heART of Cool family member, Mr. Marvin Bing. Bing, an orphan by birth and creative activist by divine appointment, posted a painting that the Super Poor Kids painted of Alton Sterling during the week of the American Horror Story Repeated. The piece of work was so refreshingly authentic and genuine that I, of course, reposted it on our HoC instagram. And the rest is history…..

America is not perfect. Heck, no place and no one is. However, if you have ideas, passion, self-discipline and a skillset, you can switch up your circumstances like movies have scene changes. And the collaborative economic model that these 3 dynamic leaders had the courage to manifest, just got these Super Poor Kids the heART of Cool STAMP!

Tomorrow at 1pm est. our “Super Poor” hoodies will be available for purchase in two color ways (Olive and Sand) on our website (link in bio) These hoodies won’t be capped so everyone will have the opportunity to purchase one… We will keep the hoodies on the site for ONE WEEK.. The hoodies will no longer be up for sale after that… Thanks for the continued support and we look forward to tomorrow! #thesuperpoorkids

💜Love & Light🌞,
Cristen M. Mills