Today’s kids will never get the true importance of television programming and where it came from! I mean, where are shows that you had to get home to watch right after school or you didn’t have anything to talk about the next day like CHARLES IN CHARGE, SAVED BY THE BELL, FULL HOUSE and the list goes on?


I truly think the programmers are wondering how they get back to those type of ratings. Well MGM seems to have a clue these days with  the remake of COOLEY HIGH. This may just be how COOLEY HIGH will become the next classic film to get a remake through MGM. The film is set in Chicago in the 1660’s and  is focused on a group of high school seniors trying to survive during their last days of school. Sources say that actor COMMON is set to star in the film as well as produce under his Freedom Road Productions company. It is also said that DEVON FRANKLIN will be an attached producer also. Now this let’s you know it will be a very black authentic air! I can’t wait to see it, this will be another one for the books.

Signing Off!
-Tasha Bouè