Greetings Dear One,

On this miraculous day you are surrounded with love and support from Spirit. We come to you in this now moment to extend our eternally sustained assistance. It is of great value to realize that you are surrounded by support and guidance from within. Life on planet Earth could not continue without the power of Spirit, Source—God.


We are servants to Spirit—conduits for the workings of the Divine. In this service we are able to tap into the Divine’s touch. Our work here has always been of service, combined with self-discovery through selfless service. We have this everlasting Divine Source within us, available to us. However, we also have it within us to detach from this everlasting Source of life. Symbolically, as single branch detaches from the tree from whence it came. This branch can seemingly sustain itself and the fruit of its limb, for a small amount of time. It may believe it is self-sustaining but to its own demise. In due time, it will die from being cut off from its Source of life.


We are much like a tree; we are connected to a Source greater than our own awareness. It is through humility that we are able to receive this support and guidance from the Divine. Knowing that we as branches are powerless. There is no such a thing as personal power. For personal power is not sustainable, to our own folly we will be humbled. This is the humility principle.


Once we accept that there is a power greater than our own, through our humility we will be exalted. It is through accepting our weaknesses that we are made stronger. I encourage you to take a moment and look at everything unfolding in your life now. There is a motion behind the veil that is manifesting you everything you are asking for. This power is beyond your doing alone; you are in collaboration with Spirit. Expressing gratitude, living humbly and knowing that you are an extension of Source energy will connect you to the sacredness life.

Sending you love and healing energy on this divine day,
Kyle Polansky