Daniel Arsham has shared something with his following that I think is a big deal. Mr. Arsham instagramed two weeks ago and said, “First painting made with my special glasses that correct my color blindness”. To those that do not know Daniel Arsham is a well recognized artist and director. He has worked with musicians like PHARELL and SWIZZ BEATS. He has also frequently worked close with actor JAMES FRANCO in his future relic films!


Arsham is best known for his all white art of expression. His work bounces between ARCHITECTURE, ART and PERFORMANCE. He has a very unique way of making things do what they should not do, and I mean literally. Arsham has pieces that stick out of the wall as if bodies were under them. He produced a cassette tape that looks like it had been destroyed but in actuality, is a beautiful piece of art. Needless to say, the most captivating thing about Arsham, is that he is color blind and this is what prompted everything being white. I am unsure if this is something that was known.


I did a bit of research and I could not find any information on it. My wonder is am I the only weird one that even noticed what he was really saying?? It is the most intriguing thing to Cristen and I to really UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE do the things they do.  This is a lot of what drives HOC and keeps us on the ground level.

Mr. Abraham, KUDOS to you on your new journey of life in color. We hope that your new paradigm creates a new layer to your Art expression. And we look forward to the new things that you will develop with your new outlook.

-Tasha Bouè