I had the most beautiful random day last Wednesday and what I stumbled upon let me know I was on the right track as usual!!

I must say here lately my life has totally been by design in the most amazing ways and has truly been inspiring me. I typically do not hang out in the downtown area of any city, but downtown Los Angeles has really been speaking to me in a totally different ways. Needless to say, I have answered the call.

To those who do not know D.T.L.A here in the city of Los Angeles is home to the most highly populated group of homeless people in the world to date. This area is called skid row and brings you the best of both worlds in a few different ways! And with re gentrification happening so fast, DTLA can now be called your new destination for some of the world’s best ART!

I took A stroll with some friends and ended up at what I called an ART oasis. As I walked by I saw things hanging from the ceiling that were all well lit. The pieces had animals hanging from them as they hung from the ceiling with words that all meant different things. It may sound a bit weird, but for me it was like discovering a whole new world. The exhibit was done by an artist named JASON RHODES, who is known for works that are very politically charged! Jason passed away in 2006 right here in Los Angeles where he resided. The Art has travelled globally for the past 4 years and was driven cross country from New York.

The gallery who is hosting this exhibit, HAUSER & WIRTH LOS ANGELES, has never hosted an artist like RHODES and was very unsure on how the 6 part exhibit would be received. RHODES had been collecting and creating art since the age of 15 and you clearly see this in every part of the exhibit.

The titles of the 6 differently created rooms was what I found most intriguing, with names like SWEDISH EROTICA AND FIERO PARTS, MY BROTHER/ BRANCUZI, THE CREATION MYTH, MY MADINAH. IN PURSUIT OF MY ERMITAGE, THE BLACK PU$$&, TIJUANATANJIERCHANDELIER. Now we all know a great artist is able to name the work and create the vision you receive when you make contact. The messaging style RHODES uses to get our attention is bold and deep, directly penetrating issues we are currently dealing with in our society.

I will not spill all the beans so you guys should really see it for yourself! If you are in the LA area, be sure to check out HAUSER & WIRTH. The Gallery will have this exhibit on display until May 21st. It is totally worth the drive; not to mention it’s FREE, so no excuses. Let’s stay on a steady track of feeding our minds.

Signing Off!