Let me be honest when I tell you that I have never been a huge fan of receiving awards, especially when they come from elitist organizations that are extremely political. I do not knock anyone that loves them of course: to each his own. I just am careful for the sake of my personal psyche about what and who I allow to validate me or the natural-born gifts that God has bequeathed to me during this lifetime.

However, last night, I watched the Oscars and I am so happy I did because some of the speeches quite frankly brought extreme tears and sweltering emotions of inspiration and aspiration due to their raw authenticity and resounding truth. Two of these speeches I wish to share and re-emphasize their significance.

  1. Viola Davis (Best Supporting Actress In FENCES)

Elegant. Eloquent. Well poised. It is clear that Viola Davis possesses undying passion and heartfelt thanksgiving and humility. I think Jimmy Kimmel summed it up best when Viola Davis’ acceptance speech had concluded and he said:“Viola Davis just won an Emmy for that speech.”

I mean talk about a PHENOMENAL & INTROSPECTIVE reflection from not just an actress, but a bonafide LEADER. A woman who bares every bit of her humanity and soul and who is truly connected with what matters most; and that is, the gift that the Art of acting lends by telling diverse and untold stories about EVERYDAY PEOPLE. Davis’ acceptance speech was so self-less and reflected a sacrificial love for Acting. Her award edified all of the people along her journey that inspired her, taught her and uplifted her to where she stood that very second.

You could tell that this woman never lost sight of who she was despite the challenges and trials she faced while pursuing her wildest dreams by acting all of these years. And as we know that her acting skills are sensational, of course she deserved every bit of recognition obtaining one of the highest honors that only 23 actors have achieved by receiving a competitive Oscar, Emmy & Tony. And not just because she has undeniable talent, but because her soul is rare, brilliant and bright.


  1. Mahershala Ali (Best Actor In MOONLIGHT)

Meek. Genteel. Royal. These aforementioned words capture my sentiments about Mr. Mahershala Ali. This king is so compelling to me because he is a true servant, which quite frankly projects the foundation of his leadership. He understands that one of the true revolutionary gifts of acting is the keen ability to serve the characters one play as well as tell untold stories of the marginalized. Through his provocative role in MOONLIGHT, he champions and masters serving characters,  whose stories are distorted at best and forgotten or ignored at worst. Ali was the first Muslim to win and Oscar and boy did he accept his award with such eloquence and grace. This King is supremely grounded and I look forward to what he decides to embark upon next.

All in all, these speeches remind me of our rich history, where Artists are revolutionaries and leaders that influence and shift the way we think about ourselves and the world around us, thereby, creating social change that advances all of humanity. I often ask, “where are our leaders”? , in the madness of politics, especially as of late. However, perhaps the government is the wrong place to look these days.

💜Love & Light🌞,