Second to our breath, another vital healing aid we possess but take for granted is our privilege of sleeping. I call it a privilege because believe it or not everybody does not sleep easily and even if they do sleep, they may not be reaching REM consistently within the 5 stages of sleep. If the latter is the case, it causes a myriad of health issues despite REM only consisting of 20% of our overall sleep cycle.


What Adversely Impacts Reaching The Fifth Stage (REM) Of Sleep Before Bedtime


  1. Prescription Drugs
  2. Herbal Supplements
  3. Alcohol

The Consequences Of Not Reaching REM Sleep

  1. May interfere with long term memory.
  2. Creates weight management problems, especially in children.
  3. You may be more sensitive to pain.
  4. Life coping mechanisms and reflexes are decreased.
  5. Causes stress.
  6. Decreases overall health.

Additionally, people who suffer from a lack of sleep “are also more likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, and obesity, as well as from cancer, increased mortality, and reduced quality of life and productivity.

So, although sleep may feel like a privilege in the midst of the day-to-day grind of our lives, it is actually an imperative and vital function to us reaching our full potential within the human experience. And if we do not have the proper hours and all of the 5 stages of sleep consistently, our well-being and happiness is supremely compromised, whether we realize it or not. So perhaps, getting our 7 to 9 hours is a responsibility that we each have been taking too lightly. Rectifying the aforementioned, is just one way that we can love ourselves better and promote abundance and longevity of life  in 2017 and for each year to come.

I guess they call it beauty sleep for a reason after all as living a healthy and happy life filled with longevity and abundance sure does sound beautiful to me. So I leave you with a few tips to aid in you ensuring that you have the best night’s rest ever.

💜Love & Light🌞,
Cristen M. Mills