We’ve all heard that we are created from the same Source. That we are One—but how do you relate or resonate with this truth?

There is a voice inside of your head, silent observing and processing the information provided on your screen. It is at all times defining its self by reflecting that which appears ‘other than’. Anytime new information is provided this aspect of you can evolve into a new awareness of it’s self. This expansion of self can be seen as a spiraling outward motion, that which the Universe is and has always been doing. We as a part of the Whole are also in a constant spiral. The Universe is mental; our thoughts about ourselves determine the direction of our spiral. Negative emotions cause a descending spiral while positive emotions cause an ascending spiral.

At all times we are synced with the Universal movements. As we do for ourselves we do for each other and the planet. Ascension is the spiraling out of us into the Cosmos—becoming aware of the oneness of all existence. We are truly everything, but seemingly nothing in the same existence. We are sacred beings, awakening once again on this beautiful planet. Take time daily to feel the energy of the beings around you, the plant life, animal life, and mineral life. Each are blessed and a part of the same Source of life.

Kyle Polansky

Artwork by Manzel Bowman
Website: maznel.biz