Now with all this commotion going on at box offices, award shows and all of the other exciting things that happen in Entertainment, I finally have a moment to give a snap shot of that FASHION inspirational moment at the Oscars that truly impacted me!

This past Sunday at the 89th Academy Awards a few things occurred that were highlights for sure! I actually for the first time watched the whole show from start to finish, which even surprised me. As we all know Award shows are typically long and not as exciting for the people that are actually there. However out of every one we see the Oscars is always the least exciting but this year was different especially because you had everyone’s two favourite Entertainers starting the show: Jimmy Kimmel and Justin Timberlake. And they have the best dynamic and it always shines through.

This year’s theme for the Oscars was INSPIRATION! Yes they have themes I just learned this also and found it to be quite dynamic. This was a system created by the academy so the show always has a foundation year to year. While a few people were highlighted some really stuck out, of course the great MERYL STREEP was one and then we had the great MICHAEL J. FOXX moment. WOW WOW WOW is all I can really say.

MR.FOXX and ROGAN both took the stage by storm jumping out of a DELOREAN on stage! A standing ovation began to occur before they could even reach the podium. The response was so beautiful and filled with love. Mr. Foxx has suffered with Parkinson’s disease for quite some time but looked so good and had way more control over himself than in the past. It was quite a site to see as he breezed through the teleprompter!

Since a kid Michael J. Foxx has been one of my favorite actors. His star appearance in the 1985 BACK TO THE FUTURE film changed all of our lives, including SETH ROGAN who stood along Mr.Foxx in a Dolce & Gabanna suit with the limited re-released NIKE AIR MAGS SELF LACING SHOES (known to most as the MARTY McFLY’S!!!!). This was the look and moment of the night for me.

The MARTY McFLY’S were re-released last year October and were limited so these sneakers are like a rare sighting. The sneakers now are currently selling for any where between 7k- 20k USD! And I am sure after SETH appeared in what he called HIS FUTURE shoes during the Oscar’s, the price just went up. I have been watching these sneakers since Nike announced in 2015 that they would be being re-released. No one could have ever pulled the sneaker and the look off attached with a few laughs better than MICHAEL J FOXX and SETH ROGEN, hands down! This was a moment in FASHION for not just SETH but Nike as well causing the Nike Brand to reach new depths. I will stand by and see where this train stops next!


Signing Off!