Well well well… I am 100% sure that “GET OUT” and stay out is what every film maker in Hollywood is thinking right now!!

The new box office film, GET OUT,  was released last Friday and has been moving like a tornado since it has hit box offices. The film stars DARREL KALUUYA and ALLISON WILLIAMS: two fresh faces to the screen!

GET OUT was shot by an amazing Director who I have been watching do some amazing things for quite some time now behind the camera. His name is JORDAN PEELE! Peele has done some things that you may have loved and just did not know it was him from Tv shows like MODERN FAMILY, MAD TV and a few more of those quirky family shows we all seem to flock around the Tv to watch. This may be just one of the reasons so many jaws dropped, but I think what really got it all together was this amazing story line he was shedding some light on. This film seemed to have touched on racism, class, and reality in one film. Now, HOW does that happen one might ask!?? Well, let me be the first to tell you that support for this film and Mr.Peele is at an all time high and at this point has only been out 3 days.

The thing that I found to be most beautiful about this wholeee thing is the high levels of AUTHENTICITYCHANCE THE RAPPER took it upon himself to take to social media and let everyone know this was an incredible film and he knew it all along. And not only did he talk about it, he was about it! CHANCE rented out A movie Theatre in Chicago last Sunday and brought ALL the tickets to the showing and allowed anyone who wanted to watch the film to just bring I.D and come enjoy!

Now this is what the “COMMUNITY” needs: real support from people who just believe and want to see you win, which was a great discovery after the OSCARS last night with DENZEL WASHINGTON being robbed!!!!  But I will leave my thoughts on that for another article. Despite all the twist and turns happening with promoting the film, it still hit the box office with the craziest opening weekend, achieving numbers we have not seen in a while!

It only cost $4.5M to create this amazing body of work and we all know that is not a lot of money for a film budget. The film made back 100% of it’s funding as it is currently at $30.5M at box offices and counting!!!!!!!! This is absolutely amazing and shows us we cannot be held back no matter what obstacles are placed on the path. I mean when is the last time a film made back 100% of the investment made?? Yea,it is definitely few and far between especially for DIRECTORS, ACTORS and PRODUCERS of color! If you have not taken the time to see this film, I think it would behoove you to do so immediately.


Signing Off!