HERE in southern California, we have experienced a torrential downpour of rain. In fact, just this past Sunday, the rainfall set a daily record in Long Beach with 3.87 inches, while LAX received 2.78 inches. Los Angeleans, when it comes to rain are like oil and water, THEY DON’T MIX. This is not surprising as the number one reason people move to sunny California is because of the AMAZING weather, so you can imagine that when it rains in LA, people lose sight of the bigger picture and get a just a little wacky.

Life in LA when it is raining is simply put, a riot. People all of a sudden act like they cannot drive; everywhere you go people complain about how nasty it is outside and act like they are being tormented and if you are throwing an event or even having a birthday celebration, you are bound to get a record of no shows. When you ask the invitees what happened, they will “blame it on the rain”. The above realities are very odd to me when I sit back and look at the greater picture.

The truth is that everyone in LA and the greater southern California area, should actually be praising the heavens for the rain given that we have been in one of the longest droughts in quite some time. It has been reported that the rain has put an enormous dent into our drought as our “deficits are still 20 to 24 inches of rain over the past 6 years.”

What a beautiful blessing the rain was for our city. So tip number one is to be GRATEFUL and allow the grace that being grateful provides to shape our perspective. Additionally, on a spiritual tip, when it rains, it is very cleansing for our souls as well as the air within the atmosphere that we breathe. The pollution in California is outrageous and if we had more rain, we could actually enjoy our sunny days and outside activities trrmendously more as we breathe in less toxins. So tip number 2 is to be open to the CLEANSE in all areas of our lives.

Rain also reinstall a sense of BALANCE and ORDER. It provides the opportunity for us to participate in enriching activities such as reading, playing quirky board games, taking in cool and thought-provoking movies, meditating and reflecting as the rain therapeutically falls and of course cuddling – one of my favourite activities.

Let’s face it, most of us most likely are always running around working and navigating through LIFE and we forget to be still and recenter ourselves and our lives. And with the pervasiveness of technology, we kind of forget to engage with one another and ourselves, which leads me to tip number 3, STAY PRESENT.

And by all means, just because it is raining, it does not mean that we stop living and moving forward. It just means that we slow down a little bit and that we shift gears and flow with the universe and listen to what it is encouraging us to do. It’s always better to go with the flow energetically as opposed to going against it. Tip number 4: SURRENDER to the FLOW.

And, let’s not forget, we can always stretch ourselves and be more creative, so as opposed to allowing the rain to limit your potential and be an excuse of some sort, allow it to enhance your skill-set as a human being and help you with tip number 5: The INNOVATION of new paradigms.

So perhaps, we can look at the glass half full as opposed to half empty and perhaps we can look at the bigger picture by always staying grateful as we allow the rainfall to wash away the old in order to lay the foundation for the new.

Let’s understand that we are all connected on this planet called earth, so in traffic be patient and kind. And we are connected to the planet during this short visit here, so we could make better strides to be aware of our environment and its conditions and look for the deeper meaning within them as they show us signs about what the planet needs.

So thank you Rain; for you drop lessons, not just water when you fall.

💜Love & Light🌞,