So, last week we featured Brick City’s (Newark, NJ) own Pineapple CITI. Check out the interview below as we caught up with the young and dynamic rising star and found out that young miss thang is incredibly wise, in tune and authentically ready to enlighten the world with her gift and presence. We talked about LOVE, PURPOSE and SUCCESS; perfect topics to start off 2017 with. This vibrant and beautiful being is most definitely here on the planet to impact and inspire human beings to focus on what is most important in life. Happiness, inspiration, health and acts of service are prioritized highly. Basically, this Artist is definitely one of us!

💜Love & Light🌞,

HoC Interview:

HoC: Describe your background. What was your childhood like?

Miss Pineapple: I was born in Newark, New Jersey “Brick City” as it’s affectionately called. I was not poor by any means but experienced hardships in the household much like any other African American youth.

HoC: Who are you? What is your purpose on the planet?

Miss Pineapple: I am a creative. My purpose on this planet is to inspire and motivate others to follow their dreams. My intentions are to make people happy through music.

HoC: What inspired you to be an Artist?

Miss Pineapple: My father and mother separated when I was young but I always say my love for music stems from having a DJ for a father & a mother with a love for English. My dad always took me to his events. In fact even my Step father was a DJ as well. So from a very young age I was always involved in music; hearing music, and making music. I wrote my first song at 7.

HoC: What role does authenticity play in your work?

Miss Pineapple: Everything I create comes from an authentic space. I believe it is important to express every part of yourself through your artistry. So I always tell the truth; whether that truth is just about me having fun in the club to more meaningful lyrics about hardship and heartbreak – I put all of that into my music.

HoC: How do you define Art? What role does Art play in the evolution of you as a human being?

Miss Pineapple: Art is an expression of God. Art acts as a platform for your life and your journey to live on forever. It is a phenomenal way to express your human experience to others. I believe it is an important part of spiritual health and growth because often art can express things you can’t through just words. It is a powerful uniting force – a great way to connect your world to others.

HoC: How do you define success in life?

Miss Pineapple: Success to me is the ability to live abundantly in every area of your life. Success is wealth – wealth in health, relationships, mental status, financial stability, and career choice. I believe in order to be successful you must find joy in the hats you wear in life.

HoC: What Artists inspire you the most now and why?

Erykah Badu because of her impact as an artist on the soul.

Jay Z, not only for his lyrical ability but also because his life expresses the American dream – from rags to riches.

Andre 3000 for his fearlessness as an artist.

Drake because of his ability to make his music personal and relatable.

Jill Scott for the pride she possesses in being in her skin.

Solange for to creating a safe house for being black through her music.

HoC: What advice can you give aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs?

Miss Pineapple: Believe in yourself. You do not have to know how you will achieve your goals. The how is God’s domain. You must only possess the drive and fearlessness to overcome failures until you succeed.

HoC: What is love and how does it shape your life?

Miss Pineapple: Love is the most powerful force that exists in the universe. There is nothing to gain when there is lack of it. I do my best to keep it all around me, to radiate it & to spread it to others.

HoC: What is the meaning of life?

Miss Pineapple: To live in a state of joy and to spread that joy to others through your purpose & acts of service.

HoC: What should we expect next from you?

Miss Pineapple: Just watch.

HoC: What is the heart of cool to you?

Miss Pineapple: Heart of Cool to me is about your authentic swagger. We are all spiritual beings expressed in human form. We all express ourselves through some form of creativity. Heart of Cool is bringing your authenticity to the table in whatever you intend on creating. And bringing that authenticity to the table with love.

HoC: What was the inspiration behind the “Spilled Pineapples?

Miss Pineapple: I was depressed right before the creation of Spilled Pineapples. I was experiencing sort of a mid mid life crisis lol. I knew I had something to give the world but no idea how to do it. After quitting my job and meeting my producer I knew something crazy was about to happen. I started my project but had no name for it. One day my friend and I stopped at a bodega on the way to meet with my producer. I got some pineapples and they were sour. My friend threw them out the window. He says “Yo! You should name your album Spilled Pineapples” which I immediately took for granted. Until I realized it described my current state of affairs. Sometimes you think things are going to be sweet and sometimes they are not (much like those Pineapples), but it only matters the actions you take to turn lemons into lemonade.

HoC: Who produced the music? Describe how you two work together.

Miss Pineapple: Fre$h out of Queensbridge, New York

Spilled Pineapples was created in a friends apartment in 2 weeks time. It was out of a movie. We turned nothing into something and when we were finished we knew we created something special.

HoC: What have you learned from the experience of completing the SPILLED PINEAPPLES project?

Miss Pineapple: Anything is possible.