There are very few interviews that catch my attention. Why? Well, because most of the them are run of the mill and very predictably political and superficial. However, there are few times that you will come across an interview that really impacts you in a positive and iconic way. It will elevate your level of consciousness, compassion and creativity  and expose something dynamically honest and remarkable about the subject being interviewed.

Check out the Jay Z interview with Executive Editor of the New York Times, Dean Baquet, and my top takeaways below. These below principles will bring love, light, abundance and peace within your life and if you are open, it will most certainly lift some scales from your eyes.

Mr. Carter, for your truth, love and light shared, you get the heART of Cool STAMP. Keep growing from the inside-out and may peace and abundance follow you and your children all of the days of you all’s lives for generations to come.

💜”The goal in life is not to be successful and famous. The goal is if you have a God-given ability [which we all do] is to live your life out through that.”

💙”We have a responsibility to push the conversation forward until we are all equal. UNTIL EVERYONE IS FREE, NO ONE IS FREE!”

💚Children should have a “sense of their history and what it took to get to where they are. They should be able to identify with other people’s struggles. They should have fairness, compassion, empathy and a loving heART.”

💛”The most beautiful things are things that are not visible. The most beautiful things are not objects. It’s the things inside [the intangibles] like friendships and intimate conversation with my mom.”

❤️”Dialogue is how we get to understanding.”

💜Love & Light☀️,