There comes a time in our lives when the awakening of mind, body and soul align in such a way that allows a rebirth of intuitive thought and manifestation of universal power.  We have come across such an individual and it is our responsibility via The Visionary’s Manifesto and heART of Cool’s global platform to share this authentic spirit with all of you who possess this same inherent ability which is simply waiting to be ushered forth.  Let us all walk in this eternal sunshine as we unearth the essence of Londrelle Hall.

HoC Interview:

HoC: What is the difference in being a poet and utilizing spoken word?

LH: Although both are wondrous forms of artistic expression, and by some, are considered to be one in the same, they both embody a noticeably different nature. Having been a practitioner of both art forms, I would say that spoken word is geared more towards and for entertainment purposes, in the sense that it is performance based, and requires and seeks an audience. It also embodies and invokes raw emotion, inviting the listener to connect with its message through the element feeling. Conversely, poetry is less seeking of an audience than spoken word. It is being and existing with or without. Although it also embodies feeling, poetry adds to it the element of thought, logic, and for some, philosophy. Thus it not only draws you to feel, but to think as well. These two elements, when combined, produces intuition, which of the soul and Spirit nature. This, I would say is what separates the two. Poetry produces and embodies a certain knowingness, that when expressed, brings the reader or listener into a profound understanding and awakening of what is already known by their inner most being. In all, poetry is soul reaching, Self-revealing artistic expression.

HoC:   What are the thought processes and involved in choosing to live a life of universal freedom?

LH: I would say that it’s less of a thought process and more of a simple choosing to be. To be what I am, and you are, and what we are, which is naturally free. Knowing that there is nothing that we must change, become, or truly evolve into. We are THAT; a reflected spark of the infinite and boundless consciousness. Being made in that image, how can one be bound or not claim their natural birthright, of not only universal but cosmic freedom as well. Of course, this is realized by more of an endeavor into Self, rather than the world, but it is truth revealed by all those who have plunged into that infinite ocean of their being and discovered the pears of ever giving wisdom and Truth.

HoC:  What was your life like as a youth in relation to the current stage of evolution and spiritual growth you are undergoing?

LH: I came into this physical existence in a poverty stricken urban environment. Basically, the projects. I was raised by a single mother (my earth father, was murdered within my first year) and I witness and endured a lot of what goes on in these types of areas. Drugs, crime, drama, financial hardship, pretty much all the stereotypical things that these environments produce. Although immersed in them, I never was truly consumed or influenced negatively by them. I haven’t always been this outwardly thinking, but inwardly I’ve always had a certain knowingness that guided me from wrong action. In relation to where I am now, this has more than anything influenced me to question my existence, purpose, destiny, and Self. I’ve always asked myself “why me” and more and more I am seeing those answers manifest in my life. To be truly be used, we must first go through, it all works for His glory.

HoC:  How do we become active partners in the ongoing conscious uplift that in the present state of world affairs is what some would call a necessity?

LH: It begins with self. Knowing, understanding, loving, accepting and realizing who we are. Not only as individuals, but as a collective. As a collective vibration of individuals who are in tune with themselves we are a powerful force that can not only influence change, but create and manifest it. Separate we are but waves, together we are god, there must be an individual effort as well a collective effort to restore balance in our world.

HoC:  You wrote an amazing book titled “Eternal Sunshine” a culmination of deep poetic literature.  What was that process like?

LH: It was absolutely amazing to be filled with so much natural happiness, bliss, and wisdom during the process of composing the manuscript. Although I had to live all of it, and it came as result of a lot of painful and trying situations. To now have the understanding of it brings about an indescribable feeling. It is my life thus far in word form, those words are all that I am and the foundation of my current awakening, and I think of future awakenings of so many destined souls. To have these words means to have my entire being. It is a way that will lead you into yourself and most importantly your highest and Truest Self.

HoC:  What is your life’s philosophy?

LH: Devotion to God, self-realization, and service to mankind.

HoC:  You have created such a divine path for yourself and a loyal following of people wo are connecting with your narrative.  How do you maintain the relevancy of your spiritual messages and more importantly the intent behind the delivery?

LH: Knowing and realizing that we are a network of energy and the fragmental parts of the vast intelligence that is God, I am most-able to connect with the hearts and mind of many because I am in constant attunement with myself and the greater Self. I don’t attempt much to relate, most of my creations are very subjective, but in this comes the realization that in our truest essence we are all the same. In creating or rather, co-creating I understand my smallness in the grand scheme of life, I ask humbly for the wisdom to speak to my current situation and understand, and then translate that into art. it’s not much of a difficult process as it’s more so allowing myself to be a channel for the messages to be received. For me it’s a very intimate and intuitive experience, and more than anything I endeavoring to listen that inner most voice. Wherever the words go, that’s God’s doing, it’s important for me that I walk in purpose and be a worthy vessel that’s all.

HoC:  I want to tap into your divine essence and ask you to expound upon the virtues of living an authentic life for our global audience.  What words of spiritual wisdom would you give to those seeking a deeper understanding of self-awareness?

LH: All that you are seeking is God. In every endeavor, in every relationship, every encounter, and in all relations. What you are truly seeking and trying to understand is Self. This can be very simple or extremely complicated depending on your current level of understanding, but it is one of the greatest truth that will be imparted unto you. From God you have been sent, and after you have grown tired of the drama of this mortal existence, to God you are destined to return. Very subtly, through trials, mortal suffering, and what we perceive to be death, He is gently coaxing us with his Love to return to Him and our very own god nature. There are many paths that lead to kingdom of God, but all must be entered through the one doorway of our own being. Within you there is the key to Life Divine and living the most divine life while in this human existence. You may ask, “how do I enter the door if the key is within me”. My reply is, “the door was never locked”. Plunge within, there you will find you and the Greater you. Seek God as He is seeking you.

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