Hey everyone!

My name is Anaïs Setareh and I am a new writer for Heart of Cool. Be prepared for some insight into the world of a 14 year old girl with a high appreciation for art, expression, and an admiration for anyone that creates – because that’s who I am! My next posts will be filled with lots of amazing people and projects for you to gain knowledge about and bring some light and inspiration into your life.

Heart of Cool is the perfect platform for me to express myself, because it consists of a beautiful group of people collaborating as individuals, which is the key to working together and that is how all of these amazing blog posts are created. I hope you will enjoy all of my future posts and look at them with an open mind, because that is what is most important; keeping your mind open for new ideas and opinions and letting these help you grow! I have learned that by doing this you will change for the better and learn so much more than you would by sticking to one thought and only believing in one way of doing things or looking at them.

Here’s a bit more about me so you can get to know me better: I currently live in Germany, but I have been brought up in a very international community. My mom’s family is German and my dad’s family is Persian, and these different cultures have really influenced me and my personality a lot. Besides that, my family and I travel a lot and I also go to an international school. Students and teachers from all over the world visit my school and therefore I constantly meet new people from different cultures.

I always find new inspiration on the daily. Whether it is from art, places, or people, I try to find inspiration in everything. Some of the main people that have really been inspiring me a lot are Jaden Smith, Willow Smith, Kanye West and so many more.  Also, I am LOVING the brand Vetements. The designers actually live in my hometown, Düsseldorf! Isn’t it crazy how Vetements comelety changed the fashion game? I believe that all of these people really are making huge changes by what they are creating and how they express themselves and I will talk about why they inspire me so much in detail soon.

My biggest goal right now is to leave Germany once I graduate and move to a city with better, more positive energies, like Los Angeles. I want to be surrounded by creative people with a vision of creating a better future for all of us instead of judgemental ones, because being surrounded by negative people truly does drain one’s energy and you are who you surround yourself with.

I am so excited to write for Heart of Cool and can’t wait to share more things with you guys in the following posts!


P.s: Make sure to follow me on instagram so we can stay in touch!: @anaissetareh