Well the holidays are here and it’s time to start making some decisions on gifts!!

Of course JORDAN’S are on anyone’s list young or old! This I can say confidently as the JORDAN brand has rapidly increased over the past 6 years. But aside from that I know I am totally a fan of the brand and have been since I was A kid, I am sure there are a few of us out there who actually stood in line.


For those who don’t know the JORDAN brand has been doing a lot of new releases on a few of the most popular JORDAN’S and this formula has been working quite well for them. The 2 most popular re releases to hit the press are of course the SPACE JAMS  which everyone fell in love with the first time around, and now we have the HEIRESS 11 for women!!!!! These beauties are absolutely stunning and that is to say the least bit. I caught wind of the jawns just a few days ago and it was a show stopper for me! I am literally always driving Cris crazy about shoes and JORDAN’S were the first ones she probably saw me go crazy over, she knows first hand how out of hand this could be.

The JORDAN HEIRESS is a women’s shoe and will only go up to a size 9.5 which I thought was amazing because that is exactly my size which was the universe supporting the decision I made in my mind to get these sneakers lol!!! This is literally how I sike my self out to make purchases, I’m sure I am not alone in that way of thinking! The shoe is set to drop on DECEMBER 17th and will cost you about 220.00 market price which is the typical JORDAN price. The knight maroon color will be the only color which is something else I thought was so great, it allows the shoe to completly stand out! As you can see guys I am totally sold it couldn’t be any more perfect, now this may be a purchase to be considered it will really make a loved one happy!

Signing Off