Did you know that one of the most widely used hotel travel sites in the world is one of Germany’s most successful start-ups and fastest growing companies within the past ten years? Well, if you didn’t, no worries because neither did I until today’s casual reading in Travel & Leisure, led me to a recent much talked about Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Trivago, Düsseldorf’s internet hotel and lodging service, was acquired in large majority by Expedia in 2012 in cash and stock worth €477 (approx $630m). Expedia (EXPE). Based in America, this company ranks as the No. 3 global online travel agency, whose name is derived from combining the words “exploration and speed”.

Expedia’s management team along with Trivago’s founders are exploring a stock market listing of Trivago as a stand alone company. This news should come as no surprise, seeing as how Trivago has generated and grown more than sixfold since 2012.

Trivago’s high performance might likely be attributed to keeping their employees happy and well perked…free fitness classes, lunch, organic fruit and drinks are just a few of the ways they keep their folks smiling. Not to mention promoting a culture where there are no fixed working hours. That’s right…at Trivago there’s no such concept of a 9-5 schedule. Employees maintain a code of self determined work ethic, with a focus on performance rather than face time (no pun intended…lol).

So, my traveling compadres—if you appreciate a good deal, a successful business model and a culture that values its people, then be sure to check out the good guys over at www.trivago.com.

If you have a minute, drop me a line and let me know your preferred online travel provider.

Gators later,

Lord Taylor