Yesterday, PEPSI announced that it’s bottle water brand, AQUAFINA, was only bottled tap water!!!!!!!!! HOW do we let these types of things slip through the crack?? What is even crazier is that people have been buying this water thinking that they are doing themselves some sort of justice.

Now the real crazy part about it is, Cristen and I have already been getting out of the program of drinking water out of plastic bottles since the FDA said that water in plastic bottles causes cancer, but having to worry about what kind of water you are drinking is another level! The brand made it clear that they were basically forced to release this information, which I did not find hard to believe at all!


Have you ever tried AQUAFINA?? Well, I have and it has always tasted extremely funny and this totally explains why and that I was clearly on to something.

The water system in the US as a whole is a real shaky deal. So to all my high vibrators and spirits, we all know the flouride in the water totally jacks up your penal gland and people have basically been bamboozled into paying for something that is not good for them. This people is what the food system as a whole in America has done, but now it is time to wake up as Ms. Mills says. We have to wake up to the true issues of the repercussions we face for how we treat our temple. This kind of information is life saving. We have to share it with  others especially those you love. t
This is how we can create a better food chain.

Drink water in a glass if you can and if you can’t, it’s Ok! Sometimes, I can’t but READ THE LABELS of these water bottles. See how much flouride it has in it and be attentive!!!



Signing Off!