Kehlani, like the Phoenix, has risen from the ashes of depression and mental illness with the most luminous crazy spark of light that champions self-love and clearly the ability to triumph over any obstacle that comes her way. Her single for her first recorded studio album with Atlantic Records, “CRZY”, is the 2nd release after her suicide attempt just earlier this year.


Now what I love about the vibrant video, “CRZY”, which is a bold title to say the least, is the depiction of Kehlani turning up, feeling blessed and not caring about what the nay sayers and haters may say about her journey on this planet after her full recovery from the suicide attempt she made last March. The young star has made a stellar come back and she is shining bright and radiating nothing but love, compassion, a ferocious mind and a bundle of swag (of course) to show other people across the globe that may be battling mental illness that like her; they too, can overcome, rise up and get their oh so shine on NO MATTER WHAT life throws their way. And putting her actions where her mouth is, Kehlani has agreed to help the National Suicide Hotline to further her message of the importance of self-love.

Every day is a new day! A new day for you to be better, stronger and step into your higher self. And with support from the Creator and those who really love you unconditionally and are for you; judging you not, there is absolutely nothing that you cannot overcome.

So sit back and marinate on this authentic and flavorful video directed by none other than Benny Boom and cheer and celebrate a Queen which has truly transcended her fears; and in that, proves to be an inspiration for everyone to learn from no matter what kind of music you fancy.

Kehlani, we salute you and see your courage and tenacity and resilience! You got the heART of cool STAMP beautiful!

Keep loving yourself to the highest!

💜Love & Light🌞,