Greetings and gratitude in this divine now, — Welcome!

We come to you now with the information of the awareness that is also known as Cosmic Consciousness. This is a term that is dated back in history since Before Christ. This awareness otherwise known as Cosmic Consciousness is a state of awareness that encompasses the love of the Universe. This state, when achieved, connects all timelines and universal knowing’s into the present moment. It is the awareness of the true divinity and interconnectedness of all life.


Cosmic Consciousness is a state of blissful interaction with life – the dance of life. Once this state is achieved, you will have endless access to the expansiveness that is your existence. We are eternal beings of light, we are encoded and downloaded with information hidden in our DNA structures, awaiting awakening. We must consciously choose with every cell of our body to awaken these latent DNA strands within our bodies.


As you focus your intent on awakening all that is you – the universal energies will conspire with you. We are on a probationary path here on this physical plane; all that is needed is the desire to evolve, to transcend the lineage of our ancestors. Once this choice is made within our mind, our subconscious receives this information and begins to transcend this to the higher realms. You are divinely guided, inspired and loved in all ways dear one. It is your destiny to do the work that you have incarnated here to fulfill. It is your assignment, your duty – but you must make the conscious decision.


Awakening to this information within is your ticket to inner peace, true inner peace. A peace so serene that it cannot be shaken from you no matter what is occurring in the outside worlds. I send you this peace, loving you always as we are One.

Sending you love and healing energies,
Kyle Polansky