The first time I discovered the rich complexities and utter magic and wonder of Gabriel Dawe‘s work was last year at Swizz Beatz’ No Commission Exhibition at Art Basel Miami. No stranger to the world as Dawe’s work had already been exhibited in Belgium, Canada, the UK and US; it still felt as if a new birth had taken place when I first encountered Dawe’s creation.

The Installation King of Art, I call him as upon impact, I was stunned and elevated to a new consciousness and understanding of the compelling dynamics of mixed media art and the beauty and whimsical nature of the Art of installations. At first glance it looked liked rainbow bright Gama rays that literally shot up from the ground in all of its brilliance and majesty. And after being so captivated, it was when I did further research that I began to simply fall in love with Dawe all together.

Dawe, a natural born innovator and galactic leader in the art world, originated from Mexico. With an MFA from the University of Texas at Dallas and the recipient of the Artist in Residency program at UTD juxtaposed against his organic genius and magnetic authenticity, his focus lies in exploring the intersection of fashion and architecture, exposing the dynamics of the need for shelter for every human being across the globe.

Whether it is the planet which houses all of the species of life as we know it; a physical roof over our head, garments to clothe our bodies or even the bodies we find ourselves in that house our souls, the importance of shelter is a definite theme within Dawe’s scope of work and can be pervasively seen and spiritually felt by his audiences effortlessly when they encounter one of his creations. Consequently, it is apparent that Dawe has immense depth and intentionally selects to use his Art as a medium to translate higher levels of understanding, consciousness and being unapologetically.

Not scared to color way outside of the lines, Dawe’s ability to deconstruct textiles in such a way that the innermost complications and complexities of the “construction of gender and identity in Mexico,” are unveiled, is courageously innovative and daring. He blatantly pushes the envelope; not just in the Art world, but in LIFE overall.

The subversion of the permeating traditional notions and understandings of masculinity and “machismo” is Dawe’s aim; and quite frankly, he does a beautiful job of it! Liberation from antiquated ways of understanding ourselves and the world around us is also an underlying pursuit for Dawe as well through the beautiful high vibrational creations he manifests.

I am truly humbled and most joyous to be just one of the millions of people Dawe is captivating. And as a result of the repetition of Dawe’s tedious labor of love, healing and love is extended to all who lay eyes on his creations. If you desire to learn more about Dawe, he is represented by Conduit Gallery in Dallas, and by Lot 10 Gallery in Brussels.

Dawe, thank you kindly for the inspiration! It is with great pleasure and distinction, I grant you the heART of cool STAMP! We hope to see you at Art Basel in December of this year!

💜Love & Light🌞,