According to Jacqueline Susann in her scandalous novel of 1966, “You’ve got to climb Mount Everest to reach the valley of the dolls.” A sentiment that most spectators who viewed the Moschino SS17 Runway show in Milan just shy of a week ago most certainly should be able to relate to.

The courageously rebellious Jeremy Scott for the the Moschino SS17 collection flirted with the paradoxical nuances between what I call “the fake” and “the real” when it comes to the current landscape within the fashion industry. Exploring the themes of paper dolls vs. barbies; reality vs. fantasy; stereotypes vs. the unconventional and the 2D vs. 3D perceptions, Scott may have not wowed the audience this year enough to place their pre-orders instantly, but he sure as hell made a bossy statement to the world as it relates to the growing insta-gratification trend within the fashion realm. And as one of the people that was in that audience in Milan, he most definitely got my attention.

An interplay between the true and skewed, it is clear that in Scott’s mind, what you see in today’s world of fashion, is in fact not what you get. And consequently, everyone needs a prescription that they can carry in their Moschino pillbox clutch that can remedy them of all of life’s gimmicks, smokescreens and flat out lies.

Understandably, Scott shows the people apparently what they now seem to “want”. Perhaps it is the illusion of Franco Moschino’s signature items as opposed to the real thing: black on red polka dots,  pearls that are now flattened, bling which is now painted on and Teddy bears that ain’t really there. And let us not forget those hoodies and sweats, quilted and chain-strewn leather minis, faux-kini bodies, Daisy Duke fishnet leggings, bikers and bombers, logo sportswear and washed denim too.  “Whimsically Subversive agit-chic” that is everything but reverent according to the Moschino press office.

Most will miss Scott’s point of view and perhaps think he has gone mad. However, heART of cool (HoC) is clued up as the people say and support the creative activism behind Scott’s direction.

Fashion is Art and Art births revolutions.

Take a look at what Scott dared to symbolically incorporate into his runway SS17 collection this time around and let us know if you will wear the clothes and champion the deeper message at play.

Mr. Jeremy Scott, thanks for being so bold with your message and thanks for inviting me to witness your daring imagination.

💜Love & Light🌞,