Greetings and Welcome back Dear One,

Today we are discussing the experience of incarnation and reincarnation. Many have wrongfully regarded this experience as only a superstition. I would like to assure you that the process of reincarnation is truthful. Many of you reading this light information now have lived before as a human being. You have incarnated once again, for a specific reason. We encourage you to seek the truth of your purpose here in this time of awakening.


In this lifetime you have many different interests, natural talents, unique abilities and even undeniable attachments to different parts of the world. These vibrational pathways are often connections that are formed in previous lifetimes. It is encouraged that you seek out all that resonates with you; no matter how different it may be from your original ideals. It may even be that you have dreams of past lives, or fears from a past life experiences that cause irrational fears in this lifetime. Often fears such as fear of the dark, of water, of small spaces, all have traumatic emotional experiences connections from past lives.


It can be helpful to recall past life experiences for the purpose of releasing old emotional patterns. This will allow you to be lighter and to replace heavier vibrations with love and understanding. It is also a worthy ideal to reclaim all talents and abilities that you have acquired throughout the many lifetimes that you have lived. You have infinite access to the universal knowledge within you. Understand that it is your birthright to access such infinite wisdom for the benefit of all. There are measureless ways to discover this information, once you begin seeking, you shall certainly receive.


Sending love and healing energies,
Kyle Polansky