While catching up and raving about the Moschino fashion show in Milan with my dear friend, Christophe, at the Moschino boutique in Paris, I talked about how enthused and charged I was about Rihanna’s Fenty Puma fashion show. Christophe was a bit surprised and flabbergasted that Rihanna was even showing her collection for the first time in Paris. He asked, “Why would she be showing in Paris.” And I said, “Sweetheart because she can. And why wouldn’t she be showing her collection in Paris?”



I totally understood where Christophe was coming from. I mean let’s face it, Puma being highlighted during one of the most sought after seasons in Paris as stuffy and high faloop it may be, is practically unheard of. And that is half of the reason why I am enamored with the idea of the Fenty Puma collection showing in one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world, Parí. In fact, I believe the collaboration between Rihanna and Puma to be brilliantly in sync in such a way that, together, they are trailblazing new paths and challenging people within the fashion world to expand their ideas when it comes to style and what is Parisian runway worthy.

The fashion show was held at Hôtel Salomon de Rosthschild and streamed by TIDAL. The music that the models floated on the runway too was a combination of violins and trap bass.  The mood was aristocratic, yet athletic at the same time capturing the essence of the old, intimate fashion world of Paris.  The collection possessed a subtle yet still flossy pink, green, white, nude and purple color stories with sheer, lacey patterns, sporty net, and slinky lingerie textures. There were plenty of corsets, long robe like trench coats, sweatpants with oversized hoodies with pearls, lace-do-rags and Puma-branded fans.

Some of the items even seemed gender neutral as long as you are comfortable within your own skin, which we all know Miss Ri Ri most certainly is. All in all, let’s call the mood the collection was giving, Sexy Sporty Fancy Chic (SSFC).

Rihanna most definitely did a beautiful job of capturing her essence within the collection without stifling the people that may desire to wear the clothing with their own energy being the dominant influence. And she most certainly surprised the nay sayers that just did not think she was fit to be in Paris yet no matter how much of a pop star she may be.

So miss Ri Ri, you did your thing, professionally well and with a humble spirit. Thanks for the inspiration.


💜Love & Light🌞,