I saw a film at Sundance that changed my life, in some ways saved my life and most certainly blessed my life deeply as a woman. During a season of feminism redefined and updated with movements such as “Times Up Now” and “Me Too” and the solidarity and empowerment that movements such as the aforementioned provides, “Colette”, is a timely masterpiece that highlights the narrative and voice of a multi-dimensional and gifted french writer daughter, lover, wife, confidant and authentic friend, who explores the uneven and paradoxical double standard patterns of the world when it comes to the incredible “roles” that wives play combined with the sacrifices they make effortlessly – often times compromising their own freedom – for the men they love.

Colette, a spicy woman; perhaps before her time, possessed the courage to be bold and take a stand and outshine the limiting views of the Belle Époque Paris society and the time she was in. A natural and incredible Artist, who ghost wrote 4 of her husband’s books (THE CLAUDINE Novelsthat created a resurgence of fame and fortune during a time when her husband; a popular author and critic, Henry Gauthier-Villars (AKA “Willy”), had lost the plot and was suffering financially.

Receiving no credit for her brilliance, but instead, receiving infidelity, lies and other forms of betrayal and insecurities from the man she risked it all for, Colette decided to rise up and “Stand Up for Something” – for her truth to be heard and recognized. Treasuring her resilient spirit, she fearlessly explored parts of her sexuality and most genuine expressions of herself regardless of how her hubby’s ego managed the evolution. She wrote in her book, the realities of the life she was living. She spoke up for the double standard when it came to men cheating on their wives. She truly was an unconventional woman during a conventional time that proved that no matter how society views women, it is the woman that has the free will and power to make the decision of how she wants to live her life and how she wants to be remembered.

The story of a marriage, Colette shows the lengths one woman must go to escape her husband’s control and claim her voice as an artist.” Based on true events, “Colette”, takes you back in time to a place in Paris, where the same unalienable rights women are standing in solidarity to realize for themselves in 2018, are the exact same rights women promoted in the 19th century. An empowering biopic by director Wash Westmoreland, starring Keira Knightley and Dominic West.

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