5,000 acres beneath Utah’s breathtaking Mount Timpanogos, where the Ute tribe once thrived and just 45 minutes from Park City, sits a world-class artsy resort where one’s souls instantly seeks refuge to restore and re-align with the balance, beauty and healing magic the gift of nature breathes. A winter wonderland and an evergreen mountainous sanctuary, where people can visit to tap into the creativity that abounds on its campus.

Founded by actor, director and producer, Robert Redford, in 1969, The Sundance Resort encompasses all of the pillars that the Sundance Institute, which Redford later founded in 1981, promotes. Celebrating the power of the Arts and supporting filmmakers, writers, theatre artists, composers, producers and Artists that possess an independent Spirit, promote authentic voices and diverse narratives within a community where creative inspiration and diverse expressions of that inspiration manifests to educate, heal and push culture and humanity forward.

The Sundance Resort is an easy place to fall in love with your authentic nature again in a modern world, where it is easy to forget about our spiritual connection to the land and various life forces that the land holds. A place of peace, sovereignty and discovery. Whether you desire to practice meditation and yoga; snowboard and ski; take a painting, pottery, jewellery or journal making class in their Art studio; watch iconic independent movies at the screening theatres, indulge in sustainable restaurants (Foundry Grill, Owl Bar, Tree Room), relax at the Spa or simply take in the clean crisp air and scenery as you meditate or hike along the land, your spirit will be renewed and restored!

At the Sundance Resort, there is a commitment to the conservation and preservation of our planet that results from “the balance of Art, nature and recreation. So, if you are ever in need of tapping out of what we call the “matrix” to regain or sustain a sense of your higher self or to create for the beauty and sake of creating, Sundance Resort is the creative healing sanctuary you seek.

💜Love & Light☀️,