It’s not everyday that you see a painting and become mesmerized by the way it effortlessly and magically captivates your soul; and then, that same day, the Artist of that piece of work comes up to you at dinner to say, “I just wanted to say, I love all of your colors. You have such an authentic light about you. Don’t change for the world. It’s such a pleasure to have you here, at the Sundance Resort.” Well, that pretty much describes how I met the most beautiful and incomparable, Sibylle Szaggars-Redford. A woman of true convictions and boldness, yet embodying such an angelic and nurturing  spirit.

Born in Germany, this Multimedia Environmental Artist, dedicates her life’s work as a reflection of her spiritual understanding that we are all connected – to the land, to the spirits of that land, to people and to other forms of life on this planet. Seeking harmony and healing through her creations for us all, Szaggars-Redford raises consciousness about our planet and ways that we can love and appreciate her better; therefore, in turn, loving and appreciating ourselves with a higher understanding. She draws her inspiration from nature and ancient cultures such as the Moroccan, the Hopi as well as the Monsoon rains in the Mexican High Desert.

A woman of collaborations and one who understands the true power of finding the intersection of other artistic mediums of expression, Szaggars-Redford, has collaborated with other visual Artists, choreographers, musicians and spoken word poets and she has used the Art of film and light to pay homage to planet earth and it’s universal elements in a stage Art performance piece, “The Way of the Rain”.

And with such a vibrant and altruistic spirit, Szaggars-Redford, founded the Way of the Rain, Inc., a nonprofit organization manifested for the development and performance of artistic educational performances for cultural and charitable purposes – all for the greater goal of promoting ways that we can support, nurture and protect our environment – planet earth 🌏.


I 🙏GIVE THANKS🙏 for Szaggars-Redford; for, during a time when the government seems to focus on promoting more ways to divide us as opposed to unite us – her work helps us to remember an important truth. And that is, whether you are rich or not so rich; Black, White, Asian, Mexican, Russian, etc.; Muslim or Christian; heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual – at the end of the day, when it comes to the environment, where we all reside – when it rains, it rains on everyone’s house – not just one. So, let us find more ways to work together and love one another; for divide we fall, but united we stand in victory, together✊.

Szaggars-Redford has exhibited her work throughout England, Germany, Italy, Monaco, France, Peru, Japan, Singapore, and the United States, and often collaborates with various musicians and choreographers. Her large oil painting series “Shape of Color” was her first collaboration with the world-renowned cellist Nina Kotova which was presented during the International Classical Music Festival in Cortona, Italy and later in Singapore of 2008.

💜Love & Light☀️,