I get super charged up when I am around other light beings of high influence who understand the power and magic of using their platform to promote love and compassion and understanding. The Foundation For Ethnic Understanding had their annual LA Benefit October 25th at yogi and spirit guru, Russel Simmons‘, House where they honored Scooter Braun (Children of Abraham Award); Hasan Minhaj (Children Of Abraham Award); Will Packer (Racial Harmony Award); Ben Silverman (Guest Of Honor – Joseph Papp Racial Harmony Award) and Hassan Al-Thawadi (Global Muslim-Jewish Relations Award). The night was an intimate gathering of individuals who over-stand the importance of supporting organizations like the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, which for the past 28 years have been lessening the divide and discord between muslims and Jews – on the micro level. And on the macro level represents a collective consciousness that is ALL about spreading the message of love as opposed to hate – all about spreading one of the divine truths which is that we are all the same and connected as a human race. Yes, as opposed to perpetuating ignorance, division, hatred, fear and indifference which breeds racism, the FFEU spreads LOVE unconditional and has been doing so for 28 years.

YES, last night was a night under the stars with hollywood stars, where high vibrational beings connected and celebrated each other for shining their authentic light for a purpose higher than the self-centered rewards gained from their physical manifestation on this planet.

It was breathtakingly beautiful to see God’s children use their influence and worldly platforms for THE LIGHT. And it was lovely to see everyone’s guards come down and understand that before any title the world gave them – they were simply human beings first. And that my friends, is the most important connection point we share.

So, if you ever are looking for a noble organization to support with a noble cause, please keep the FFEU in mind.

💜Love & Light☀️,