What if I told you that all of my life, I have thought to myself, “IS THIS IT”? You may be thinking is what it and I would continue to say, “is LIFE as we know it through the eyes of society and systemic webs of confusion and perceived ascension/ happiness – whether it be through higher learning, careers or stardom and arranged marriages based on social mobility as opposed to unconditional love – IS THAT ALL LIFE IS ABOUT?”

I remember – every time I reached what many would consider a huge milestone in my life –  like graduating from Spelman College or London School Of Economics & Political Science and USC Annenberg School For Communication with two Masters at the age of 24; or even working for one of the major talent and literary agencies, ICM, which like every other hollywood agency for the most part was/ most likely still is ran by nepotism and; lastly, working for the celebrity and good friend – COMMON; therefore, solidifying my hollywood experience by placing me in middle of the best networking anyone could hope for in this place call Hollywood – I still, with all of these “LIFE” accomplishments, always knew that there was something missing. I knew there was so much more to life and the abundance it holds. Not that I was not blessed to experience the world and diverse people while I learned a myriad of life lessons – because I most certainly was. However, there was always an elephant in the room and there was always a voice that whispered to me that most of the things in a man-made world are illusions, at best, and downright lies, at worse.

Anthony Anaxagorou is a British-born Cypriot award-winning poet, fiction writer, essayist, publisher, poet and educator. He has published nine volumes of poetry, a spoken-word EP and a collection of short stories. And within his authentic voice and sharing of his gifts and perspective, he quickly made disappear the chasm and gap that I had been experiencing throughout my entire journey. Anaxagorou accomplished this by putting out into the universe his, “If I Told You” poem. Captivating, poignant, holding no bars – “If I Told You” is a radical and critical examination of potential lies that we all have been told and made to believe as fact if you grew up in America. And he presents unpopular truths in such a way that encourages you to search for your own understanding of what truth is as opposed to being spoon fed what others may want you to believe so that they can successfully control you and make money off of you. The tragedy in this is that perhaps we have been living and creating based on propaganda; at best, and brain washing information; at worse. However, the beauty and revelation in all of this, is that we have an opportunity to erase everything we know, creating a blank slate for us to re-write and download our own program by which we live our lives.

Using your voice is Art. Using your voice boldly and fearlessly is rebellion. Watch Anaxagorou’s “If I Told You” and find out for yourself why this gentleman and more importantly the information he is sharing deserves to be recognized as Art.

Anthony Anaxagorou – you have just been heART of c😎😎l STAMPED. 🙏THANK YOU🙏 for your voice and your fearless energy filled with LOVE & LIGHT.

💜Love & Light☀️,