GABBY DOUGLAS has put the work in and it is no surprise that she is getting the results! The Olympian has two gold medals to her name and a few world championships! She’s getting ready for her second Olympic games later this summer in Rio!!!! She was officially added to the women’s US team 3 days ago. And to take it to another level, she has an official BARBIE doll!!!


GABBY SAYS, “I’m so excited”, she tells PEOPLE. ” My older sister and I use to play with Barbies and create these dramatic fantasy stories, so it’s such a huge honor.”
GABBY also said that she hopes the kids playing with her doll will take away her number-one lesson for young women and men: Stay true to yourself and go after your dreams. “Be yourself and really embrace your inner beauty and your true talent,” she tells PEOPLE. “Believe in yourself. Never let anyone tell you, you can’t do something when you can”.


NOW THIS IS WHAT MADE ME SMILE! GABBY has really enlightened people all over the world whether young or old. It has been an amazing journey for her as she has faithfully developed and stuck to her genuine passion. And now GABBY is 20 years old and ready to take over!

Signing Off!