I mean who has not seen the hilarious dancing videos KEVIN HART POST? Or the funny pictures SELENA GOMEZ shares. This is what the new world of INSTAGRAM has done for us. And HOLLYWOOD REPORTER has just let everyone in on a little but not so little secret about Instagram!


SOCIAL MEDIA makes the world move fast as we know it. It is totally the land of pull your phone out, SNAPCHAT, Twitter, Facebook, Periscope, MySpace, and so on!  Less than 6 years old, the company 9INSTAGRAM, co-founded by SYSTROM and owned since 2012 by Facebook as an independent division, recently topped 500 million users. YES, 5 MILLION, which leaves TWITTER at 310 million and these are hard numbers, in its wake and nearly a third of the way to Facebook’s 1.65 billion keeping in mind this is the app of choice for a young female skewing audience.


That’s no where more apparent than in Hollywood, which has rushed to sign the “INSTA FAMOUS”. The ‘Fat Jew”, has landed at CAA and recently appeared in the Zoolander sequel. The “Fat Jew”, incorporates promotional Instagram requirements into actors’ movie deals. And in a media landscape, where pictures of Taylor Swift’s Fourth of July party become international news and Beyonce responds to the police shootings of two black men with a heartfelt post, Instagram has gone mainstream and this is fact. With the recent video platform launched, INSTAGRAM has yet found another way to allow creatives to take their content to new levels by giving you a minute to share whatever you like.

Now that the numbers are rolling in, it is said that KEVIN HART and SELENA GOMEZ will be a big help to getting the platform to new levels. To anyone that did not know this was the FUTURE, please let me be the first to tell you. Below I added a few cool tips shared by the owner, a few COOL hashtags you may not have known about and a few EMOJIS that are a smash in LA!

Signing Off
-Tasha Bouè