I always loved when I stumble across the greatest stories, especially ones like this one! A family from NIGERIA has just done something that has never been done before and they say it was the power of GOD that made it all possible. As I did my research, I found the scoop on COSMOPOLITAN.COM. Now as we know coming from other countries is always harder, which is why we love the US OF A. This family knew there was something better for them and that is all that mattered. The family of seven has been recognized and it is all about all 5 of the daughters who will all graduate from LAW SCHOOL together. This news is the talk of NIGERIA. These 5 sisters say that it was ONLY GOD and they wanted to make it clear!

Stories like this ALWAYS come in for the win! This is what I call FAITH ON FLEEK. Check out a clip from the interview below.

Signing Off!

“Tor & Berry met about 35 years ago, and they decided to dedicate their lives to God… for a while it seemed like God was just minding his business and ignoring them.

He gave them 5 children, 5 girls… and we all know Nigeria; they don’t think much of the girl child.

Anyway, fast forward a few years and God decided to shut everyone up!!!!! Ladies and gents I’d like to introduce you to the first parents in Nigeria (I stand corrected) who have 5 KIDS, All GIRLS, All LAWYERS!!!”