It has been a crazy past couple weeks for many walks of life as we know and the trembles are still vibrating from the black community. Although the issue of senseless killing is something that has been happening for many years, we have arrived at a time where people feel enough is enough. The first CALL TO ACTION was by RAP ARTIST KILLER MIKE. MIKE was a guest on a local Atlanta radio station, where he expressed his feelings about black lives being treated fair.


In his statement he mentioned that if the black community wanted to really take a stance then they should use the economical power we most certainly do posses. He then went on to give direction by saying if you want to make a real move on it, wake up tomorrow and go to your locally black owned bank and open an account and vow to not put your money back into a cooperation until they respect the community.

MIKE made it clear and his voice was heard. MIKE was recently thanked by the CEO of citizens trust bank, which is a black owned bank in Atlanta. The company opened over 8,000 accounts in less than one week! Now this is a true CALL TO ACTION!

Signing Off!